GARMIN Forerunner 110 Men's GPS-enabled Sports Watch + Heart Rate Monitor

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Pixmania's review : GARMIN Forerunner 110 Men's GPS-enabled Sports Watch + Heart Rate Monitor

The Garmin Forerunner 110 is a sports watch that keeps you in top form.

The high-sensitivity GPS receiver is equipped with a HotFix feature, which locks onto satellites even near tall buildings or under trees, so you can be out the door and on your run in no time.

The Forerunner 110 is waterproof in accordance with the IPX7 standard, meaning you needn't worry should you accidentally submerge it in water.  

Meanwhile, Garmin Connect compatibility makes it possible to hook up to the internet and analyse and share data with others.

With a battery life of 8 hours in training mode or 3 weeks in power-saving mode, the Forerunner 110 by Garmin is a top choice for any runner.

Supplied with heart rate monitor

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Detailed product description

Garmin Forerunner 110

GARMIN Forerunner 110 - Easy-to-use GPS Watch for Smarter Training

Forerunner 110 is the easiest way to track your training. It's GPS-enabled so it knows how far and how fast you run - with no bells or whistles. There's virtually no setup required, so you can just press start and run or walk with it. Forerunner 110's data-friendly display makes it simple to read on the run with the all-important time, distance and average pace always there when you need it.

Follow Your Heart

Some versions of the Forerunner 110 (men’s black/red and women’s grey/pink) come with a heart rate monitor to display your heart rate in beats per minute. It also provides heart rate-based calorie computations so you can accurately track your calories burned. If you have the black/grey Forerunner 110 without heart rate, you can buy a Garmin heart rate monitor separately or use with an *ANT+™ heart rate monitor you already own.

Train Smarter, Not Harder

Whether you’re training to complete your first 5k or you want to get faster and fitter, accurate workout data is the key. Forerunner 110 uses GPS to accurately record your distance, time and pace. Data from each run is stored in the unit, so you can go back and see how you did last week or last month. Or, upload to our Garmin Connect™ website to review, relive and replay your run.

Easy to Use

Forerunner 110 is automatically set up to show your current mile pace and will capture and display the split time for every mile you run. Alternatively, you can adjust this to kilometres if you prefer, or even change the distance to get more frequent splits.

Review, Relive and Replay

Beginner and advanced runners alike know that reviewing data from your run can be motivating and provide meaningful feedback for improvement. Tracking your data is simple with Garmin Connect, our website for free data analysis and sharing. Just upload to Garmin Connect from your PC or Mac®, then see the route you travelled on a map, view a summary of your workout data, create goals and more.

Fast and Accurate

Forerunner 110 features HotFix® satellite prediction, which means it locks onto satellites quickly so you can be out the door and on with your run in no time. It also has a high-sensitivity GPS receiver to stay locked onto satellites, even near tall buildings or under tree cover.

*ANT+ wireless technology on this Forerunner works only with an ANT+ heart rate monitor, no other accessories.

Garmin Forerunner 110 - First Run Garmin Connect™ Garmin Forerunner 110 - Heart Rate

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Technical specifications


Product Type GPS receiver

GPS System

Recommended Use Running
Aerial Built-in
Features AutoLap, Garmin Connect compatible
Maps Included Europe
Software Included Garmin Training Center


Technology Lithium Ion
Included Qty 1

Built-in Display

Colour Support Monochrome
Resolution 52 x 30


Included Accessories AC power adaptor, heart rate monitor
Colour Red
Waterproof Standard IPX7
Waterproof Yes

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